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I love water, always have. Swimming is something that has always been part of my life along with water sports and, after years of travelling all over, I know now that living by the sea is necessary to my well-being. I have actually lived by the sea all my life, not purposely I thought for a long time until I came to Seville. And yes, Seville is close to the sea but not enough for me right now. Fortunately I have been travelling back and forth to Fuerteventura in the last 18 months, helping me get my ocean fix and this year I realised that I need to find a base close to the sea. Although I have a few places in mind, my move will take some time to become a reality due to personal circumstances.

In the meantime, I leave Corralejo once again with lots of amazing memories and a new tat commemorating my love of the sea and its spirit: vast, wild and free.



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