Full Full Lotus

Padmasana (lotus pose) has been part of my practice for quite a long time now, some days are better than others but it has never left me like some poses can do sometimes. I can manage a posture for a few weeks, months, years and one day it just disappears; that's the beauty of yoga: you learned to not get attached because you know everything changes all the time.

Having said that, there is no harm in rejoicing when a posture suddenly shows up. That's what happened to me in my morning practice today. I have been practicing wrapping both of my arms behind my back to take hold of the feet with the respective hands in Lotus for a few months now and today, there it was. I reached back with one hand and took hold of one foot and then reached back with my other hand without any expectations of connecting my foot but this morning I did.

The funny thing was that, even though it put a smile on my face, I also experienced a calm, almost unfazed feeling towards the situation. The joy is truly in the journey more than the destination. For me most of the excitement is in the flying, upon landing I am right back where I started.

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