My 2016 In Books

I love reading but, because of my job and because I took quite a lot of yoga training in the last 15 months, my reading is predominantly about yoga with the odd book I was able to read for entertainment. So here it is:

This first book has been my go to for the second half of 2016 as my meditation practice has been around the chakras.

I picked up Dharma Punx at Marcelo's house when I visited him in Luz in August. Prefaces can be quite boring but I was hooked after the first page of this book's preface and Marcelo kindly let me take the book with me on my journey back to Seville.

I love this book on Mudras (hand gestures which help channel certain energies and improve general health and well-being). It's well designed and clearly explained. I had been looking for a book on mudras for ages and I highly recommend this one.

This is one of many books on yoga written by Ray Long and they are all amazingly illustrated. This is the third one I own and I am already planing on buying the next one.

I started reading this version of The Yoga Sutras Of Patanjali for the third time in December of 2016 after coming back from training. It's been really interesting to read it again and notice what resonates with me now. I am loving reading my notes and highlights made on my previous reads. I particularly like this version of the sutras as it is the one I studied with Integral Yoga Institute on my first yoga training. Integral Yoga was founded by Swami Satchidananda.

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