A holistic approach to life to promote a wholesome lifestyle through exercise, nutrition, massage and a fun loving attitude.




A Little Bit About This Site


​Arc-En-Iris is the project of Raphaëlle Romana, yoga teacher, It's Yoga International trainer and massage therapist in search of adventure and healthy lifestyle. In French, arc-en-ciel means rainbow and the goddess (of sea and sky) Iris is the personification of the rainbow in mythology. I have always loved rainbows growing up and still love them now, the array of colours, their almost magical appearance and the sense of joy which surrounds me every time I see one. To me they are symbols of hope and endless possibilities.

I have practised yoga for over 20 years but it took me 10 years of practice to realise I wanted to share this great passion. Even after finishing my first training I was not sure I actually wanted to teach... Nevertheless, the feeling of joy and gratitude I was filled with after teaching my first class was too strong to deny and I knew I would teach yoga for a long time.


It is with the hopeful and positive qualities of the rainbow in mind that I decided to create this website. I am very passionate about everything to do with health, movement and well-being in general and this site is a place to share my passions and knowledge in order to inspire others improve their overall well-being.I was born in France with French Caribbean roots; however, because of my love for travelling, France has not been home in 22 years now. I am currently in transition in Toulouse area, France.







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